New song !

2015-07-16 22:34:11 by gorman2001

City Lights


Final mix of "The Discovery"

2013-12-23 19:41:57 by gorman2001

You know you want to listen.

ParagonX9 is awesome...

2012-02-09 21:29:45 by gorman2001

... and so is her music.

Consider making a nice donation for her, like I did. Keep the creative and awesome music coming !

ParagonX9 is awesome...

Brawl is coming...

2008-02-14 14:36:21 by gorman2001

Damn, I was browsing the Smash Bros Brawl website, and the more I see, the more I can't wait for this game. It will surely be the first big hit on the Wii. And the "first" multiplayer game (finally).

Since some time, i've been receiving this type of email about my latest game, Blockout:

fuck your game it sucks ass
graficks=5 star
difficulty= unwinnable
your graphics are cool, but why the fuck did you have to make fucking level 39 so fucking unwinnable???
i love your graphics, but you....mother fucker...i hav anguished over this piece of shit game and still cant beat it so fuck you!

Seriously, if someone played Blockout lately, can you tell me WTF IS WRONG WITH LEVEL 39 ?!?!? Is it me, or some people are too dumb to play this game ?!?

Finally, Blockout

2007-09-22 11:51:51 by gorman2001

Yeah, i finally managed to make a game using a beta implementation of my 3d perspective engine.

Some will say the game concept is overused, but some will love it.

Ah well. Check it out in the Flash Portal.


Upcoming game, but...

2007-08-12 12:48:32 by gorman2001

Yeah, i'm making a Star FOx (SNES) remake in flash. Thats it, with 3d perspective projection. But this damn ACtionscript is making fun of me.
Anyway, if you like, respond to suggest some tunes in the Audio Portal that could be use for the levels of the game.
Cya all.